Sol Fullhand Case




GB dates: June 27th to July 23rd 2022


All current pictures are shown with a 3D printed prototype middle! The production version will have better diffusion, the same as Sol 3.

Delivery by December 2022

Sol-SF: The successor to Starfighter, the ultimate case for a split keyboard. This is the top of the line with magnetic assembly, a machined high-profile top, and magnetically removable wrist rest inserts.

Sol-FH: Carbon Fiber: Need a fullhand case for your Sol 3, but don't want to break the bank? This option gives you all the ergonomic benefits with a low profile carbon fiber top.

  • Carbon fiber top
  • Screw+standoff assembly
  • Does not include the carrying case


All kits include the following:

  • Diffused White case middle pair
  • Polished stainless steel bottom plates
    • Compatible with magnetic tenting kit
    • Not Flawless - The bottom surface is polished to give a near-mirror finish, but polishing marks are still visible close up.
  • LED PCB pair, +62 more LEDs!
    • No soldering required
  • Foam wrist rest (adhesive-backed)
  • Standoffs to enhance tenting kit


Does not include a switchplate, PCB or wood or steel wrist rests!


  • These are so expensive!
    • Yes, the markup is a bit higher than usual to cover the cost of the new injection molds
  • Is this compatible with my Sol 3?
    • This case is compatible with all Sol 3 switchplates, magnetic tenting kits and underglow kits
  • Is this compatible with my Sol 1/Sol 2
    • No
  • Will extras be available?
    • Sol-SF will have very few extras available. Round 2 may not happen for over a year.
    • Sol-FH will have regular restocks.

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