Sol 3 Switch Plates

Material: FR4 White


Sol 3 Group Buy item, to ship Jan 2022.

Weights are artificially high to prevent purchase.

POM IS SOFT. Not recommended for heavy typists. POM plate builds may bottom out and send unintended keys during forceful use.

All Sol 3 plates are gasket-mount capable, 1.5mm thickness, and support MX-style switches only.

Sound tests available here

Material Weight (g)
Stiffness (GPa) Made in:
POM (Delrin) 44 3 USA
Carbon Fiber 43 228 USA
FR4 69 27 China
Brass 244 110 China
Stainless Steel 231 200 Spain



  • FR4: Tin-plated outline, glossy finish.
  • Stainless Steel: Vibration finish 304 from Laserboost
  • Carbon Fiber: Machined twill-weave
  • Brass: Polished, PVD coated
  • POM (Delrin): Lasercut, may need cleaning

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