Sol 3 PCB

Type: Sol 3 - Hotswap


Sol 3 Group Buy item, to ship Jan 2022.

Weights are artificially high to prevent purchase.

At Sol 3’s core, the PCB features:

  • 2x STM32 ARM microcontrollers
  • 4x USB-C ports, ESD protection through TVS diodes
  • 156 RGB backlight and perimeter LEDs
  • Kailh Hotswap sockets with via reinforcement and backup pins
  • RGB, i2c, row/column, and USB pinouts
  • Up to 6 rotary encoders, one per half RGB capable
  • Expansion ports for additional RGB, OLED, and Touchbar accessories.
  • Piezo speaker, stereo available

This product includes the following

  • Pair of PCBs, White
  • Gasket-mount parts
  • Case bumpon feet
  • Switch puller

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