• The Phobos group buy will run from Nov 7th to Dec 9th, expected to ship in May 2023.
  • Kits starting at $200, fullhand from $350
  • Also available prebuilt

Carry Case:

  • Supports regular and fullhand Sol, Phobos, Eos, and Deimos
  • Now in stock!

Zygomorph 3:

  • Expect kits to be available to ship by Jan 2023 featuring the new RP2040 microcontroller!

Mün 2, Eos, Deimos: 

  • In development. Group buys will begin after above projects are complete/in production.


  • Some projects are in the works to fit into the 60% ecosystem (don't worry, they're still ortholinear)

Gazzew Switches:

  • U4s and U4Ts will be restocked on Oct 9th, 2022.


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