Stock Updates:


  • All preorders have been shipped out, and Sol 3 is now in stock!
  • Prototypist & Splitkb will have kits to sell in the coming months.

Sol Fullhand:

  • Group buy to run from June 27th to July 23rd
  • Option 1 (Sol-SF): Aluminum top, ~$420 case-only
  • Option 1 (Sol-FH): Carbon Fiber top, ~$250 case-only
    • Carbon fiber top w/ screws
  • Prototypist and SplitKB to proxy.

Phobos (Columnar stagger):

  • Phobos prototype PCBs are in development.
  • Following the Sol Fullhand group buy, the Phobos group buy will be available with both regular and fullhand cases.
  • Expect the group buy in fall 2022. The GB will be limited to ~300 kits due to the STM32 shortage.

Carry Case:

  • Supports regular and fullhand Sol, Phobos, Eos, and Deimos
  • Preorders open June 27th, ships Oct 2022.

Zygomorph 2:

  • Zygomorph is going through another redesign. Due to the STM32 shortage, the PCB is bring reworked to use RP2040.
  • No group buy is planned, but expect a restock of 50-100 kits sometime this year. Kits will include a gasket-mount, screwless case, and support Sol 3 tenting kits & touchbar/oled modules.

Mün 2, Eos, Deimos: 

  • In development. Group buys will begin after above projects are complete/in production.


  • Some projects are in the works to fit into the 60% ecosystem (don't worry, they're still ortholinear)

Gazzew Switches:

  • U4s and U4Ts will be restocked regularly when possible


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