Pan DIY Keyboard PCB Kit

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Kits + Ganymede ship by end of July

    This includes everything you need for a working keyboard besides a plate, switches, keycaps, and cable. Screw-mount transparent stabilizers are recommended.

    The optional case shown is Ganymede. The brass plate in some photos was made by Laserboost.
    Pan is the most diverse keyboard on the market. There are 48 plate options!

    Pan supports a wide range of layouts. The PCB supports all layouts, but a specific plate must be selected. Check the guide to see how to configure a plate. You can either purchase one with your kit, or make it yourself using the open-source design files.

    Pan is a fully DIY keyboard, all components must be soldered on.

    Kit includes:

    • Middle and bottom PCBs
    • Atmega32A controller and components
    • 64x Through-hole diodes
    • 62x RGB LEDs and capacitors
    • Acrylic cover with encoder cutout (dual and no-encoder covers will be made available)
    • USB-C port (center or left mount)
    • Standoffs and screws

    The "No MCU Variant" includes all of the above, minus the ATmega32A and related components. You will need to use a Proton-C, and solder the included USB port and diodes.

    Additional optional features include:

    • 1-2 Encoders, RGB or standard (left mount USB will prevent 2x encoders)
    • OLED panel
    • Mini-B USB port
    • Proton-C controller

    A more detailed BOM is available here. You can read a preliminary build guide here.