Ganymede case for Pan

Aluminum sides: Black
Bottom: Anodized Black Aluminum
$65 $70


Note: For the 1st batch of Ganymede, the front sheet metal surface extends a bit past the machined sides.

Introducing Ganymede: the new low-cost 7° case for Pan. Named after the 7th moon of Jupiter, Ganymede implements a new design for keyboard cases with the following features:

  • 7 degree typing angle
  • Machined aluminum siding
  • 2mm bent steel or aluminum bottom plate
  • Steel: 740g / Aluminum: 320g weight
  • Optional 1.3kg steel weights bring total up to 2.06kg!
  • Bottom-mount plate style

The pictures shown above are prototypes, and the production version will have a more rounded front, with the sheet metal matching the side parts (see last image for a render). Please be aware that the sheet metal parts may not have a perfect finish, but will be free of dents/deep scratches. The machined sides have a A- quality. 

This design allows for a heavy, premium-feel case without the premium cost. Weights can be added to bring the weight up to over 2kg. The side pieces are mirrored to take advantage of volume discount pricing. The base plate is made out of solid 2.0mm steel or aluminum, contributing to the weight and strength of the case. Ganymede without weights or foam is quite loud/clacky. I recommend filling the internal cavity with the optional weights or high-density foam(or both!)

Ganymede will launch with Pan, but future versions will be compatible with 60% keyboards.

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