Mün 2 (Group Buy Oct 2023)



Mün 2 Group Buy: October 1st-31st, delivery in April 2024.

Fully open-source here!

The Mün 2 PCB has hotswap MX sockets with RGB backlight, 2x RP2040 microcontrollers, all-USB-C and ESD protection. An internal cable is provided to connect the PCBs together for certain 60% cases. You will need 70 switches, keycaps, and USB-C cables to complete a keyboard. Stabilizers are not supported without a custom plate.

Mün 2 is compatible with:

The All-Metal Case Kit includes:

  • Mün 2 PCB
  • 19mm aluminum & steel case
    • 4x White accent tops
    • 4x Black accent tops
    • Clear Acrylic and Brass middle accents
    • Black steel base weight
  • FR4 and Stainless Steel switchplates
  • Gaskets, feet, magnets
  • Carrying case

The All-Metal Case + Wooden Wrist Rest Kit includes all of the above and:

  • Walnut wrist rests (magnetic)
  • Larger steel base plates

The Print-it-Yourself kit includes:

  • Mün 2 PCB
  • Case plates
    • 4x White accent steel tops
    • 4x Black accent steel tops
    • Clear Acrylic middle accents
    • 2x Black steel base weight
  • FR4 switchplates
  • Gaskets, feet, magnets

The ChiRP Edition includes

60% Steel switchplate: The Mün 2 PCB is also compatible with the BBox60 Case. You will need to remove many of the internal posts. This plate may be used with other 60% cases, but the additional 3 USB ports may require heavy modification in order to fit.



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