MKI2C Modules

Type: OLED


No soldering required! These modules are pre-assembled, ready to be installed.

MKI2C is an open-source standard for hotswap i2c, 3.3v modules on compatible keyboards.

Each module can be installed to the keyboard using screws and requires no soldering.

OLED Modules use white monochrome screens.  Encoders not included or required. Module covers are black 3D-printed PLA. The STL is available on the github repo if you want to make your own in another color.

Touchbar modules take up 4 keys, and provide 3 touch buttons with swipe up/down input for 5 total QMK-configurable commands.

RGBKB's Sol3 and Zygomorph 2 support MKI2C in certain positions.

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