SA-P Stratus



These kits include and extra 2x 1.5u R2, 12x 1u in R2, and 1x 1u R1.


Introducing the first keyset run in Signature Plastics "UP" Natural PBT. Named after stratus clouds, natural PBT has a hazy white color, and glows when installed on a bright RGB keyboard. The profile is SA-P: a textured SA in PBT. The sculpt is 1-2-3-4-4. Spacebars are concave, and 2x homing keys are included.

Lead time is ~4 months. A dyesub legends set will be considered for a round 2.

The keyset has 1 kit, focused on ergonomic keyboards. It supports the following: Zen, Sol, Zygomorph, Mün, Pan, Ergodox, Ergodash, Ergotravel, Iris, Atreus42/62, Kyria, Corne, Boardwalk, Boardrun, and all 1u Ortholinear boards up to 12x5.

Ships in one bag, no tray. Produced by Signature Plastics in USA.

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