Colorway: Polar


These keysets are produced specifically for RGBKB, and pair well with many ergo MX keyboards. They come in two colorways:

DSA Polar

White keycaps with black legend alphas provide a clean look for any keyboard. Bright enough RGB backlighting will cause these caps to glow. Dyesub PBT.

DSA Stealth

Black PBT modifiers and translucent black ABS alphas are a great combination for a covert build. No legends on the alphas keeps the look simple when your board is off, and the translucent ABS allows your RGB to shine when you want it to.

Keysets are in stock now and ready to ship!

  • Profile: DSA
  • Each set includes the following:
    • 60x 1u
    • 12x 1.5u
    • 4x 2u
  • Material: PBT/ABS, ~1.4mm thick
  • Manufacturer: YMDK, China

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