Colorway: Polar


These keysets are produced specifically for RGBKB, and pair well with many ergo MX keyboards. They come in two colorways:

DSA Polar

White keycaps with black legend alphas provide a clean look for any keyboard. Bright enough RGB backlighting will cause these caps to glow. Dyesub PBT.

  • 65x 1u
  • 2x F/J Homing
  • 12x 1.5u
  • 4x 2u

    DSA Stealth

    Black PBT modifiers and translucent black ABS alphas are a great combination for a covert build. No legends on the alphas keeps the look simple when your board is off, and the translucent ABS allows your RGB to shine when you want it to.

  • 40x 1u translucent ABS
  • 20x 1u black
  • 12x 1.5u
  • 4x 2u

    Keysets are in stock now and ready to ship!

    • Profile: DSA
    • Material: PBT/ABS, ~1.4mm thick
    • Manufacturer: YMDK, China

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