Sol 3 & Phobos Case Middle

Color: Clear


NEW: Translucent Red/Green/Blue! Buy two and get one free!

The Sol 3 Case Middle is the frame that locates all of the Sol 3 parts. It can be used with magnetic or screw hardware, and supports gasket mounting for both the PCB and Switchplate.

Injection molded in the USA out of Polycarbonate.

  • Clear: Maximum brightness, little diffusion
  • Diffused White: Lighting is spread evenly around the case perimeter
  • Smoke Gray: Slightly dimmer, for a more muted look

Clear TPE: This material was molded for R&D and will not be produced again. It is a soft material that does not hold a perfect perimeter around the Sol 3 plates, and may not make a noticeable effect on sound/feel. It is available at a discount while supplies last.

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