Items on sale until midnight PST on Nov 30th:

  • 200 packs of Boba U4 RGB: 15% off, limited qty available
  • All Pan kits: $5 off
  • Ganymede cases: $5 off

The Mün group buy will run Dec 1st to Dec 29th.

Stock updates:
  • A linear variant of Boba U4 RGB are in the works
    • All kits and accessories in stock.
    • Group buy to run from Dec 1st to Dec 29th
    • Expected to ship in April 2021
    • Prices are finalized, $220 base kit
    • More details and pictures to be added to product page before launch.
    • The Cerakoting process is currently being worked. I'll update the discord as soon as I know more.
    Sol 3-IC
    • Stay tuned on the discord for latest updates
    • Magnet-mount, screwless case for base kit
    • Group buy to begin Q2 2021
    • Kit with case, weight, gasket-mount plates and hotswap for $160

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