NEW Switches
  • Gazzew/Outemu Boba U4 RGB switches now available in 62g and 68g variants.
  • Same as regular Boba U4 but with clear tops.
  • RGBKB is now an official vendor of Gazzew switches!
NEW Keycaps
  • DSA ergodox kits available for $25, made by YMDK.
  • Looking into an ergo compatibility kit.
  • All kits and accessories in stock.
  • Needed another prototype round for the PCB, to arrive in Nov.
  • Kit prices to start at $220, aluminum case and gasket-mount.
  • Group buy expected to start Dec 2020.
  • The Cerakoting process is currently being worked. I'll update the discord as soon as I know more.
Sol 3-IC
  • Stay tuned on the discord for latest updates.
  • New confirmed feature: Magnet-mount, screwless case for base kit.
  • Group buy to begin Q2 2021.
  • Kit with case, weight, gasket-mount plates and hotswap for $160.
  • 12 prototype spots available, click here for details.
Redesigned website: feedback appreciated!

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