The 25% off everything goes until March 31st!



  • After March 31st, Pan will be retired and no longer sold. Grab a kit now if you want one!
  • Pan 2 is in development
    • Presoldered RP2040, LEDs, & partial hotswap sockets
    • Solder-it-yourself diodes & partial hotswap sockets
    • Only ortholinear layouts


  • Due to issues with the initial manufacturer, a new painted steel parts manufacturer is producing the parts to our specifications. They will be matched to the original prototype parts as closely as possible.
  • PCBs have arrived and are functional!
  • Extras to be available for purchase in April.

Zygomorph 3:

  • The basic plate kit has been updated to improve the plate's grip on MX and Choc switches.
  • More substantial cases (gasket mount, magnetic features) are in the works.

Mün 2:

  • An aluminum case + wood wrist rest prototype group buy will run from April 3rd to the 7th. It will be limited to 8 units and includes the PCB & switchplates.
  • Unlimited group buy should happen in Summer 2023
  • Some changes from Mün 1:
    • RP2040 Microcontroller with more storage & processing power
    • Improved reliability with LEDs integrated into the main PCB
    • Can now be used unsplit for a Boardwalk layout
    • MKi2c integration
    • Incompatible with previous cases per PCB shape changes

Eos, Deimos: 

  • In development
  • Group buys will begin sometime after above projects are complete/in production

60%: ChiRP

  • ChiRP has hit some production issues with the bent steel parts. An attempt will be made to salvage these parts and sell as B-stock, but the future case design may need to change to reduce future problems.

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