Zygomorph 3 PCB (single)

Version: Rev 02 - Solder
$30 $40


The Zygomorph 5x6 ortholinear keyboard is back! Use it standalone, split, or solder the two halves together for a 5x12 layout.

All components are presoldered, so you only need to solder on switches & optional encoders.

Firmware is in development and is available here to compile

PCB Features:

  • RP2040 microcontroller w/ 4MB of flash memory (125x more than Atmega32u4!)
  • QMK support with driverless, software-free flashing
  • Support for MX & Kailh Choc switches (Gateron KS-27 coming in a later revision)
  • 30x RGB backlight & 16x RGB underglow LEDs
  • 2x USB-C ports, configurable to split or PC side
  • ESD protection via TVS diodes on D+ and D-
  • Up to 3 rotary encoders (WIP in firmware)
  • Edge breakout for USB & i2c expansion


  • $40 per half? Why so expensive?
    • Zygomorph 3 is produced in batches of 100 (for now). This allows for fast development of new features, regular restocks, and no preorders/group buys.
  • Is Zygomorph 3 backwards compatible with Zygomorph 1 or 2?
    • No, neither pcbs or cases are compatible with the newest revision due to changes in USB port location, microcontrollers, and grid dimensions.

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