Zygomorph 2 Prototype



One product = one half

THIS IS A PROTOTYPE. The build guide is not complete. Materials, colors, and PCB features may change in the production version. Each board has a patch wire to repair the bottom row.

Zygomorph 2 is a 5x6 mechanical keyboard that can be used standalone or split. The PCB features the following:

  • 2x USB C ports, ESD protection on D+/D-
  • STM32 Microcontroller
  • Choc + MX compatability
  • Per-key RGB backlighting
  • Unpopulated 12x RGB underglow
  • MKI2C compatability (see keymap)
  • 2x rotary encoders

The kit includes the following:

  • Zygomorph 2 PCB
  • MKUltra case foam
  • 3ft USB-C cable w/ velcro tie
  • 1.5mm stainless steel switchplate
  • 1.0mm stainless steel bottom plate

You will need switches, and keycaps.

Future releases will include cases and 5x12 plates. Cases may require de-soldering for existing kits. Zygomorph 2 is not compatible with Zygomorph 1 PCBs, cases, or plates.

Ships in <1 week

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