Zen Keyboard

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Gerbers and Kicad source files available here 


Build Guide


  • 62 keys, split design
  • Reversible PCBs
  • Top plate made of FR4 PCB material
  • Base plates optional
  • Powered by QMK running on two ProMicro Atmega32U4
  • RGB backlit with 16 wS2812b LED per half
  • 8mm thick without feet

Parts needed for a pair

Tools required

  • Soldering iron. I've used a few cheap ones that don't work so well, the Hakko FX-888D is worth every penny.
  • Flush Cutters Can be found in hobby shops
  • Solder wire 0.032" or smaller will make SMD soldering easier
  • Tweezers to hold small components while soldering