Sol 3 Switch Plates (WIP)

Material: POM (Delrin) Black


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Weights are artificially high to prevent purchase.

All Sol 3 plates are gasket-mount capable, 1.5mm thickness, and support MX-style switches only.

Sound tests incoming in April.

Material Weight (g)
Stiffness (GPa) Made in:
POM (Delrin) 44 3 USA
Carbon Fiber 43 228 USA
FR4 69 27 China
Brass 244 110 China
Stainless Steel 231 200 Spain



  • FR4: TIn-plated outline, glossy finish.
  • Stainless Steel: Vibration finish 304 from Laserboost
  • Carbon Fiber: Machined twill-weave
  • Brass: Polished, PVD coated
  • POM (Delrin): Lasercut, may need cleaning

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