Sol 3 Magnetic Tenting Kit

Kit: Magnetic Tenting Kit


Sol 3 Group Buy item, to ship Jan 2022.

All-metal tenting solution for Sol 3 kits. The magnets allow for a strong connection to the bottom plate, and can be removed quickly for travel.

  • Tent angle is adjustable from 10 to 18 degrees
  • Rubber caps provide good contact with your desk
  • Uses 3mm stainless steel plates and M3 standoffs

Optional addition: PCB with 12 extra LEDs per half, with a hotswap connector to contact the PCB.

Adaptor: Allows you to use the tenting kit with nonmagnetic base keyboards, including the following:

  • Sol 3 Carbon Fiber case
  • Mün
  • Sol 2
  • Sol 1

Use of the adaptor & underglow PCB will require soldering on a small spacer to the PCB.

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