Sol 2 Gasket Mount 4.8mm plates

Color: Space Gray


This is a pre-order to ship by the end of November 2019. 

These plates do not support low profile switches.

  • Includes screws, standoffs, O-rings, and plates (left and right).
  • Materials: 6063 Anodized Aluminum.

These plates use 10 rubber O-rings on each side to isolate the plate, PCB, and switches from the rest of the case. This will reduce pinging and provide a deeper sound signature, depending on the switches/keycaps used. The increase in metal material will also increase the weight of the board, deepen the sound profile, and make the board much more rigid. A section view of the stackup is shown below. They are 4.8mm thick, with cutouts for switch clips, stabilizers, etc.

Disclaimer: Gasket mount has very little effect on typing feel. The vast improvement these plates have in sound over the standard 1.6mm plates comes from their thickness, with the orings providing some extra damping. The 70A O-rings provided can be found here, where different firmness options can be found. Use 1mm(0.039in) thickness, and 2.5-2.7mm(0.098-0.106in) inner diameter.

For more details on gasket mount, check the Sol keyboard product page.

The aluminum comes in 4 anodized colors; Space Gray, Space Black, Space Red, and Space Purple. The Brass variant is the same 4.8mm plate, but with clear liquid-coat brass, sandblasted finish.

The shipped standoffs will be in standard aluminum, if you want to get colored 6mm standoffs, you can get red or black here. You'll want M2.5 6mm, 10 per kit.

 Manufacturer: Dadesin, China

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