These sound tests were performed by RGBKB on production-level prototypes. They use the following setup:

  • Sennheiser MKE 200 recording through Sony A7R3
    • Audio input level set to "2"
    • Microphone ~350mm from center of board
  • Ikea Linnmon table, Novelkeys 4mm deskpad
  • Unless otherwise stated, the Sol 3 configuration is as follows
    • PBT MT3 Keycaps
    • Boba U4T 68g Tactile
    • Steel case plates
  • Audio was edited using Kdenlive, with the following effects
    • 10dB gain, to boost volume a little
    • 200hz High-pass filter, to remove some reverb from the table

I am in no way an audio/recording expert, these recordings should only be used to compare against each other, and not against a more professional sound test.

U4T, MT3, Steel Switchplate


U4T, MT3, Steel Switchplate with plate foam


U4T, MT3, POM Switchplate


U4T, MT3, FR4 Switchplate


U4T, MT3, Carbon Fiber Switchplate


U4T, MT3, Brass Switchplate


U4T, MT3, Brass Switchplate with Carbon Fiber case plates


U4 Silent Tactile, DSA Polar, Steel Switchplate


AndyVNguyen has a sound test of the Sol 3 with lubed Gateron Giants & FR4 plate here: