Sol 2

The brightest keyboard on Earth! Sol is a split ortholinear keyboard with ergonomic thumb and modifier areas.

  • Gaming and typing/programmer focussed layout, best of both worlds, derived from Zen
  • Compatible with all Ergodox-based keysets. Outer columns support 1u, 1.25u and 1.5u caps.
  • Reduced cost compared to other pre-soldered split ergo boards.
  • High amount of customization through rotary encoders, OLED and SPI+I2C pinout
  • New build system that allows for budget options, high end frames, or future upgrades.
  • Open Source 3D files and schematics
Buying Guide

Solid Hardware Specs

Check out Keyboardbelle 3D-printed cases and MKUltra Wrist pads! Accessories and a soldering service can be found here in the Sol Collection!

Modular Components:

  • Choose between standard 1.8mm Aluminium Plate and a 4.8mm aluminium gasket plate for a more premium feel and reduced bottom-out noise
  • Tenting Feet available between 5 & 20 degree angles
  • Case options range from Full Hand to just the board and can be 3D Printed or purchased.

The Sol 2 Keyboard (PCB)


Out of stock

Sol 2 1.6mm plates


Sol 2 Gasket Mount 4.8mm plates


Out of stock

Sol 2 Polycarbonate Frame


Sol 2: Starfighter Frame


Out of stock

Sol 2 3D-printed OLED mounts


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What do I need?


  1. PCB Kit: Includes 4 PCBs, 2 top PCBs for your switches (left/right) and 2 bottom PCBs for the LEDs (Left/Right). All components and LEDs are pre-soldered
  2. Plates: Choose either our 4.8mm Gasket Mount or the 1.6mm standard mount. Includes standoffs, screws and O-rings (For GM). DIY files are available.
  3. Frame: While not needed for operation these will protect the keyboard. We offer our flagship Starfighter full-hand frame, a polycarbonate full-hand or regular hand frame along with a bent steel regular hand frame. DIY files available

From other sources

  1. Switches: 68-74 MX or Choc. Transparent base will work best, PCB or Plate Mount (Choc uses 1.6mm only, requires 4mm standoffs)
  2. Stabilizers: 0-4 PCB-Mount
  3. Keycaps: all Ergodox sets are compatible
  4. Type C Cables: One to the PC and one between the halves. Must be data capable, 3A capability
  5. Optional: Fullhand Wrist Pads from
  6. Optional: Holtite 8134-HC-8P3/8P2 sockets
  7. Optional: Rotary Encoders, OLED Panels, or cone tenting feet
  8. Optional: SK6812 LEDs for tenting postitions