Sol 2: Electric Boogaloo


Sol 2, now even brighter

The next iteration of the best keyboard ever still has these great features from R1:

  • The best ortho-ergo layout for gaming and typing
  • Per-key RGB backlight and underglow
  • Support for MX and Kailh Choc switches
  • Type C ports for PC and interconnect, QMK
  • Rotary encoder and OLED positions
  • Low thickness below switches

Sol 2 will feature the following updates:

  • Removable (no desoldering) Polycarbonate frame
  • Gasket-mounted (fully Buna-N supported plate and PCB) 4.8mm thick switchplate
  • Perimeter LED lighting. Now with 128 standard LEDs, with 52 additional DIY positions for 180 total possible LEDs.
  • 2 additional rotary encoder positions
  • Improved ESD protection for USB
  • Wider tenting feet locations with more stability
  • Full SPI pinout

What is Gasket-Mount?

Prepare to meet the bleeding edge of keyboard mount technology. Sol 2 is available with a 4.8mm thick, anodized aluminum plate. This plate and the PCB are entirely suspended by Buna-N rubber O-rings. The rubber is compressed, providing a strong build with slightly damped bottom-out feel and sound. The rigidity of this mount can be adjusted to your liking by replacing the rings with alternate hardness.

Finally, Renders!

These renders are not representations of color or finish. Prototype photos of the polycarbonate and aluminum (in each color) will be available before the group buy.

Sol 2 kit with regular polycarbonate case

Full hand frame option

Frameless style