Introducing the first keyset run in Signature Plastics "UP" Natural PBT. Named after stratus clouds, natural PBT has a hazy white color, and glows when installed on a bright RGB keyboard. The profile is SA-P: a textured SA PBT. The sculpt is 2-2-3-4-4. Spacebars are convex, and 2x homing keys are included.

Pricing is expected to be $75-80, depending on interest. Lead time will be ~3 months from end of group buy.

The keyset has 1 kit, focused on ergonomic keyboards. It was designed to support the following: Zen, Sol, Zygomorph, Mün, Pan, Ergodox, Ergodash, Ergotravel, Iris, Atreus42/62, Kyria, Corne, Boardwalk, Boardrun, and all 1u Ortholinear boards up to 12x5.

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 The last image shows the RGB glow-through compared to KAT Milkshake, on an RGBKB Sol 2.

Below is a comparison with other keysets under common household lighting.