What is our purpose?


Where do we come from?


Where are we going?


What is a keyboard?


What is endgame?


Is there RGB after death?


Are we alone in the universe?


Do we type on the keyboards?


Or do they type on us?


What keeps us alive?


The will to clack?


The inspiration to build?


The determination to spend?


To browse mechmarket?


To cry at our wallets?


To teach your son tactile from clicky?




 Introducing the Zygomorph keyboard, the thinnest keyboard ever

  • 3.0mm below-switch thickness, with no open pads/thru-holes
  • Flush bottom screw-together design
  • Symmetrical design with configurable USB C ports
  • 18.9mm switch pitch for minimal size
  • Breakaway bottom row
  • Four possible layouts, split and connected
  • 10 rotary encoder positions (one circuit per half), top OLED breakout
  • Pre-soldered components and per-key RGB LEDs standard
  • Available with both white and black PCBs
  • Price target: $30 per half w/o plates
  • To be offered with a frosted acrylic CNC case (supporting both MX and Choc), price to be ~$60 per half
  • GB starting in Dec/Jan


Here's a view of a CNC'd acrylic case for 6x5 Zygomorph


  1.  Will it be wireless? No. Batteries add thickness, and reduce RGB. Also, wireless keyboards r dum.
  2. Do I need a ProMicro? No, all electronics are onboard.
  3. Do you have case files? All 3D files and board outlines will be on Github
  4. Does it support tenting? No, but files will be available to have tenting plates made.
  5. Zen had open contacts on the bottom, does Zygomorph? Zygomorph uses a new board layer design that maintains 3.0mm thickness without exposing the bottom electronics.
  6. When is Sol round 2? Sometime after Zygomorph ships.
  7. How is this different from Lets_Split, Nyquist, Planck, or Preonic? It's thinner, brighter, and cheaper.
  8. Why is it called Zygomorph? The board is symmetrical to its very core, like a zygomorphic flower. Also, Zlant stole my spot at the end of the QMK list so I had to take it back.


    Inspiration from Dunkey