Announcing Sol, the brightest keyboard on earth

A new keyboard from RGBKB

Sol, a successor to Zen, is a full RGB split keyboard with an ortholinear layout. Per-key RGB backlight and underglow with 88 WS2812 LEDs make it the brightest keyboard available. The keyboard will come with standard 7 underglow LED's per half, with optional full backlighting via DIY or presoldered bottom plates.

The board allows for 3.5A of current, with planned updates to the QMK repo to allow for up to 6A. For maximum brightness (full white), the board will pull up to 5.5A. A second power supply (like a phone charger) can be used to increase current capacity over a standard USB port.

Group buy at in early August

The PCB includes additional functionality:

- Type C for both USB and interconnect. Runs QMK, and allows for two power supplies, one for each half.

- MX and Kailh low-profile. Full layout support here.

- Basic tenting using standard CNC case feet. 

- OLED and rotary encoder support


Sol will also be available with an anodized aluminum case.

Colors available (Pictures incoming): black, silver, red, green, blue, and purple. An integrated 2mm (thickness may be increased) plate creates a rigid typing feel. The case is only compatible with MX switches and pcb-mount switches. An FR4 plate case will be available at a much lower price, and an aluminum plate option is in the works.

Pricing Estimates


Alu Case

FR4 Plate

Incl. RGB






* To clarify, "DIY RGB" includes the bottom plate, and components can be purchased (~$10 on Aliexpress) for full RGB backlight. All options will include the underglow LED's installed.