Zygomorph Case/Plates

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Zygomorph Keyboard PCB group buy

Includes ONE HALF plate or CNC case.You'll need to purchase two for a full board.


  1. Group buy opens 1/11, closes 2/11
  2. Estimated ship date: Late May

Plates are made of 6061 Aluminum with a powder coated matte paint finish. The above photos are 3D printed examples, there's an example photo to show surface finish.

The CNC case is Acrylic with a light frosted finish. It comprised of an integrated plate with a 2.8mm skirt to wrap around the PCB and components. The prototypes shown do not include the two new 2u positions.


1. For MX or Choc switches, you can choose plate only for a budget choice.

2. The CNC case works great witch Choc switches, integrating the skirt and plate into a single piece.

3. The CNC case can also be used with MX switches if combined with a plate. You'll need to add both to your cart.

A quick explanation: Choc switches require a PCB-Plate distance of 2.1mm. MX requires 5.0mm. The CNC case has a 2.1mm plate, with 1.3mm spacers to hold up an optional 1.5mm plate (Total 4.9mm). In this way, the CNC case works for Choc switches without the plate, and MX with the plate. The CNC case will not work for MX switches without the plate.

4. White FR4 Plate for 5x12 and 4x12 layouts: The bottom row snaps off to support both layouts.