The Sol Keyboard PCB

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Includes Left and Right halves, LED boards, and screws.

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Sol, a successor to Zen, is a full RGB split keyboard with an ortholinear layout. Per-key RGB backlight and underglow with 88 total LEDs make it the brightest keyboard available. This is a full-featured keyboard PCB, no Pro-Micro or soldering diodes required.

The main PCB is assembled with all electronic components presoldered, including 7 underglow LEDs per half. The LED boards are available with presoldered components, or without for a reduced price. Unlike other RGB boards, Sol uses a separate PCB to mount WS2812B LEDs below the switch, brighter than the standard mid-mount LEDs that other boards use. The boards are connected and powered by USB-C, allowing a safer and hot-swappable experience over the typical TRRS/MicroUSB solution.
The board allows for power to be delivered from two sources. During normal operation, the keyboard can pull ~1.2A from two USB ports. At full white with reduced saturation, each RGB diode reaches full brightness, requiring beyond 3A of power. A special power adapter, USB Fusion, can be used to deliver that power. A bare USB Fusion PCB is included, also available presoldered.
USB Fusion is not required to run all LEDs, only for maximum brightness.

Sol can be powered 3 ways:

  1. 1. A single USB port, ~0.75A limit.
  2. 2. Two USB ports, one to each half, ~1.5A limit.
  3. 3. USB Fusion, 6A limit.

Additional features include:

  • Type C for both USB and interconnect. Runs QMK.
  • Black PCB with gold contacts
  • MX and Kailh low-profile 
  • Basic tenting using standard CNC case feet (5.3deg)
  • More tenting angles available using 3D printed feet
  • OLED and rotary encoder support
  • MX holes sized specifically for Holtite 8P3/8P2 sockets
  • Thin design: 10.2mm MX /7.2mm with low profile switches

MX Layout and Low Profile Layout

You will need:

  1. Case: MilledPlate, or custom
  2. Switches: 68-74 MX or Low Profile(plate case only)
  3. PCB-mount Stabilizers, up to 4 (Transparent will give the best lighting effect.)
  4. Keycaps, all Ergodox sets are compatible
  5. Type C cables for PC and interconnect, must be data capable
  6. Feet: rubber sheet or pads
  7. For DIY LEDs, you will need 74 WS2812B LEDS and 74 100nF 0805 Capacitors.
  8. Compatible OLED panels must use the SSD1306 Driver

This keyboard is sold as a kit, with no warranty or guarantee of operability. Building this keyboard will require soldering and basic programming. For support, please visit the discord channel on the about page.