Pan DIY Keyboard PCB Kit (Launching April 2020)

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This includes everything you need for a working keyboard besides a plate, switches, keycaps, and cable.

The optional case shown is Ganymede.
Pan is the most diverse keyboard on the market. There are 48 plate options, and

Pan supports a wide range of layouts. The PCB supports all layouts, but a specific plate must be selected. Check the guide to see how to configure a plate. You can either purchase one with your kit, or make it yourself using the open-source design files.

Pan is a fully DIY keyboard, all components must be soldered on.

Kit includes:

  • Middle and bottom PCBs
  • Atmega32A controller and components
  • 64x Through-hole diodes
  • 62x RGB LEDs and capacitors
  • Acrylic cover with encoder cutout (dual and no-encoder covers will be made available)
  • USB-C port (center or left mount)
  • Standoffs and screws

Additional optional features include:

  • 1-2 Encoders, RGB or standard (left mount USB will prevent 2x encoders)
  • OLED panel
  • Mini-B USB port
  • Proton-C controller

A more detailed BOM is available here.