Mün (GB coming Q4 2020)

Plate: Black Aluminum
Case: Black


Mün is a new split keyboard designed from the layout contest held in late 2019. Zappycobra submitted the most popular layout, which has been developed into a full-featured keyboard kit.

Kit includes:

  • Set of PCBs, with presoldered controller, components, and LEDs
  • Front touchbar PCBs
  • Pair of plates, your choice of material
  • Mounting hardware and feet
  • 3D-printed rubber plate dampers
  • CNC'd anodized aluminum frame

Mün is powered by STM32 with full QMK and VIA congifurator support. Each key has super-bright RGB backlighting and MX Kailh hotswap sockets. No soldering is required to get a fully functioning keyboard. There are an additional 14 rear-facing RGB LEDs on each side. Each half can be configured to run as master or slave with the two USB-C ports. The bottom allows for 4 different tenting orientations using standard cone feet.

The high-profile aluminum case uses 3d-printed rubber mounts for the plate. The rubber damping reduces pinging noise and lowers the sound profile. If desired, rigid standoffs may be swapped in for a different typing feel. On the front of the case is a touch-receptive sensor bar. This bar can be used for any programmable input in QMK, like volume control or scrolling.

Plates offered will be powder-coat aluminum, carbon fiber, and brushed brass. All plates can be used with the "gasket-mount" system. PCB-mount stabs should be used for the 2u thumb key positions.

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