Sol 3 Case Plates (WIP)

Type: Brushed Stainless Steel
Side: Top


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Weights are artificially high to prevent purchase.

Pair of case plates for your Sol 3. Each kit requires a top & bottom. Steel tops can be used with any steel bottom, but carbon fiber tops must be used with carbon fiber bottoms. Blocker plates are available to remove the bottom 1.5u positions.

All plates are 2.0mm thickness.

  • Brushed Stainless Steel: 726g/set of 4
    • Medium brush polish finish. May contain small scratches. Bottom plates are allowed more scratches.
    • 430-series magnetic stainless steel. Made in China.
  • E-White/E-Black Steel: 735g/set
    • Electrophoresis coating in white or black. Better surface quality than brushed.
    • Matte finish on carbon steel. Made in China.
  • Carbon Fiber: 148g/set
    • Twill weave composite carbon fiber, with countersunk screw holes.
    • CNC Cut in USA.
    • Not compatible with magnetic tenting feet

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