Sol 2 Polycarbonate Frame

Size: Full hand


This is a pre-order to ship by the end of November 2019. 

Includes left/right frames and screws. The fullhand option includes extra PCBs with 12 additional RGB LEDs per half.

The fullhand pictures shown are of the final finished product. The regular frames were made by another manufacturer, and are not indicative of the final product finish.

Made from sandblasted polycarbonate, these frames act as a case for your Sol 2. They mount to the bottom PCB, and are removable without desoldering the PCB. This will allow for upgrades to future versions and other materials. The perimeter LEDs will shine into the case to provide a brilliant RGB view. These are "high profile", with 6mm thickness above the top of the plate. Tolerances around the switches is kept very tight, with a 0.375mm gap around the 19.05mm standard switch spacing. Large artisans >19.8mm may not fit!

The fullhand option adds an integrated wrist rest. This area includes an additional PCB with 12 more LEDs per half. This plate must be soldered to the main LED PCB with jumper wires. The additional PCB will need to be desoldered (very simple with a regular iron) to be used again with a different frame.

Optional fullhand foam wrist pads can be purchased from

 Manufacturer: Dadesin, China

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