Pan Plate

Material: White FR4
Layout: Ergo (EEE)


Choose your layout based on the guide. There are 3 main sections. Xxx is for row 1, xXx is for rows 2-4, and xxX is for row 5. Choose the layout you want for each row section, and combine for your plate code. For example, an Ergo layout supporting 2u spacebars, you would choose the EEE plate. A standard staggered layout with 6.25u spacebar would choose SSS. If you want HHKB-style blockers, choose EEK (ergo) or EEH (staggered).

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on the discord server or email me.

Plate only, all mounting hardware is included with the Pan PCB Kit. A plate must be used for the Pan Keyboard to assemble correctly.

Carbon fiber plates are manufactured in the US.

FR4 (PCB material) plates are made in China. One side has a tin finish on all outlines.

For DIY plates, DXF files will be available here. If the particular combination you want isn't uploaded, contact me and I will generate it. Choose 1.5/1.6mm thickness for your plates.

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