Mün Kit (Pre-Order)

Plate: Black Aluminum
Case: Black Aluminum


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Kit includes:

  • Set of hotswap PCBs, with presoldered controller, components, and LEDs
  • Front touchbar PCBs
  • Pair of plates, your choice of material
  • Mounting hardware and bumpon feet
  • 3D-printed rubber plate dampers
  • CNC'd anodized aluminum frame

To build a full keyboard, you'll also need:

  • 70 switches
  • Keycaps (all Ergodox sets should work)
  • USB-C Cables
  • Optional: Stabilizers, PCB-clip-mount only
  • Optional: 4x Standard cone feet, for any tilt direction

For extra parts including cases & plates, click here

Mün is powered by STM32 with full QMK support. Each key has super-bright RGB backlighting and MX Kailh hotswap sockets. No soldering is required to get a fully functioning keyboard. There are an additional 14 rear-facing RGB LEDs on each side. Each half can be configured to run as master or slave with the two USB-C ports. They also support up to two rotary encoders and one OLED panel per half. The default OLED position is below the switchplate, so you'll need to cut out the middle piece. Oled cutout plates (one half) are available at the extra parts product. The bottom allows for 4 different tenting orientations using standard cone feet.

The high-profile aluminum case uses 3d-printed rubber mounts for the plate. The rubber damping reduces pinging noise and lowers the sound profile. If desired, rigid standoffs may be swapped in for a different typing sound. All plates can be used with the "gasket-mount" system. 

Plate options, all 1.5mm thick:

  • Powder-coated black aluminum
  • Brushed-finish stainless steel
  • Twill-weave carbon fiber
  • Brushed-finish brass (may contain blemishes)

Typing demo with brass and carbon fiber plates

On the front of the case is a touch-receptive sensor bar. This bar can be used for any programmable input in QMK, like volume or RGB control. There are 3 touch "buttons" (left, center, right), and 2 swipe directions (left, right) for 5 "keys" per side. 

Sources for parts in the kit:

  • Cases, PCBs, hardware, and aluminum plates: China
  • Brass & carbon fiber plates, gaskets: USA
  • Stainless steel plates: Spain

Custom plate and case files will be available here by Dec 11th

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