USB Fusion Power Adapter (Bare PCB)
USB Fusion Power Adapter (Bare PCB)
USB Fusion Power Adapter (Bare PCB)
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USB Fusion Power Adapter (Bare PCB)


    USB Fusion is a 5V power injector for high-current USB devices, like The Sol Keyboard.

    For build details, please follow the build guide here

    This device does not follow USB protocol. If you use a faulty or incorrect power source, your keyboard or computer may break.

    Fusion has been updated to include some new safety features:

    • USB Filter/ESD Protection 
    • Main PTC Fuse
    • Secondary USB PCB trace fuse
    • 3D-Printed base
    The basics: The device bypasses the power limit of your computer's USB port and supplies the keyboard with power from SATA or a wall adapter. This allows Sol to reach maximum brightness. The following ports will be soldered onto the board: 1 USB-A, 1 USB-B, 2 USB-C, 1 5.5mm barrel power, 1 SATA power.      To use, plug in one of each:
    1. 1. Type B or Type C to PC
    2. 2. SATA or Barrel Connector to power source
    3. 3. Type A or Type C to keyboard
    Plug in the keyboard last, to allow USB to initialize properly.
    Use only one of each port, to prevent damage to devices. (Example: Connecting both SATA and 5.5mm barrel may damage both power sources.) This is not a USB Hub. A motherboard USB header and 3-pin 5V (low speed) fan port are also available on the board. The holes are sized specifically for a 2.5in drive bay, with M3 mounting holes.

    Use a 5.5mm power adapter, 5V, at least 4A capability.