Sol 2: Starfighter Frame

Insert: Carbon Fiber
Frame: Alu Black


This product is a frame for Sol 2. It does not include PCBs or plates.

"So it has come to this" - Randall Munroe

The MOQ of 20 has been met!

Group buy date: Jan 10th to Feb 21. Expected ship date:  by June 15th, 2020.


Pre-orders get 50% off 3D-printed tenting feet. Discount applied at checkout.

Kit includes the following:

  • Pair of left and right frames, made of a polycarbonate base and aluminum top.
  • Pair wrist LED PCBs, with 19 RGB LEDs per side. Soldering is required to attach the extra PCBs.
  • Pair wrist inserts, either carbon fiber or aluminum.
  • Screws and hardware for included insert and custom options (countersunk and low profile screws).

Starfighter is RGBKB's ultimate case for Sol 2. Engineered to take full advantage of 166 RGB LEDs, the frame utilizes frosted polycarbonate and aluminum. These two materials have been carefully machined from single blocks of material, and designed to fit seamlessly together. The middle "eye" pieces below the wrists glow brilliantly, inspired by the the Tesla Model 3 and Evangelion's Unit-01.

This unique high-low hybrid profile case provides excellent wrist support, while also allowing the switches to glow uninhibited by a high profile case. The removable wrist inserts allow for customization of your Starfighter. Use the available DXF files to cut any 2.0mm material you like, including foam (MkUltra link coming), acrylic, or steel. For color choices the frame top comes in black anodized, or snow white cerakote. The wrist inserts available include carbon fiber, aluminum anodized in silver, gray, black, or aluminum snow white cerakote.

These frames are manufactured in China by Dadesin, with the Cerakote process being done in the US.

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