Phobos PCB



Phobos is RGBKB's first columnar staggered keyboard. The ergonomic layout has been tuned for typing excellence, built upon the same platform as the popular Sol 3.

No soldering required! All components are factory installed with hotswap sockets for MX switches (rotary encoders will need to be soldered).


  • 66 keys, MX hotswap
  • 152-LED full backlight & perimeter RGB
  • Magnetic, screwless assembly
  • To be available with regular and fullhand cases
  • All kits include painted steel bottom
  • Carbon fiber top available (not screwless)
  • Gasket mount switchplate or PCB
  • Compatible with all Sol 3 accessories
  • Uses the same case middle & bottom plates as Sol 3

Reviews for the Sol 3, which uses the same case style, gasket mount design, and LED configuration.

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