Stock updates:
New product: Zygomorph 2!
  • Limited quantity of prototypes available now
  • $60 per half, includes the following
    • PCB with presoldered controller, ports, RGB
    • Stainless Steel switch & bottom plate
    • MKultra case foam
    • 1m USB-C Cable & cable tie
  • More DSA keycaps coming soon, sets exclusive to RGBKB!
  • Bobagum 68g in stock
  • Boba U4 to restock soon, no exact date yet.
  • Group buy orders will begin shipping this week. Extras will be very limited, to be put up after all gb kits have shipped.
  • White kits are almost done, progress pics from Panc are looking good.
Sol 3-IC
  • Stay tuned on the discord for latest updates
  • Magnetic, screwless case for base kit
  • Group buy to begin May 1st!
  • Kit with case, gasket-mount plates and hotswap for $165!

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