• NEW White kits and Fr4 plates just added
  • All kits and accessories in stock
  • Protoypes are in-house, currently at testing and firmware development
  • Kit prices to start at $220, aluminum case and gasket-mount
  • Group buy to begin before end of 2020
  • The Cerakoting shop has had several issues due to Covid and Oregon fires. They've decided to subcontract the order out, to be done ASAP.
Sol 3
  • In early stages of development
  • Group buy to begin Q1 2021
  • Kit with case, weight, gasket-mount plates and hotswap for <$200
  • 50x DSA ergodox kits to be available in Oct 2020 for ~$25
  • SA-Stratus on hold, low interest
  • Currently looking into bulk ordering switches from Kailh and Outemu


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